try to enjoy the sun

We learn what we fear most when we actually have something worth losing. We see more clearly what holds value when it’s no longer hypothetical.

And this allows self-doubt to come out and play…and can rob us of the very happiness we should be basking in.

When we fear the unknown; when we allow worry to creep in; when we discover weakness where we thought there was strength… we must force ourselves to dig deeper and find a way to come back to now. Back to what IS, not what could be.

Instead of worrying, instead of allowing fear to take over, instead of doubt…try gratitude instead. Focus on what brings you joy. Right now. In this minute. Today. And let the rest go. Why spend energy on unknowns that don’t exist, or storms that may never materialize?

Instead of focusing on the clouds that might never come, try simply to enjoy the sun.


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