who i am

So, here’s a little bit about me…

I’m a lover, a thinker, a mom, a free spirit, an entrepreneur. I love garlic, the smell of laundry and wood-burning stoves, and the sound of Ryan’s laugh. Jalapeños, avocados and impromptu road trips are a few of the best things on earth.

I have some amazing friends, a handful of kindred spirits, and I know one really great joke. I’m a little street-smart, a lot lucky, and fiercely resilient. I’m tougher than I look and 100% of the time I’ll stand up for what (and who) I believe in. I randomly do things outside my comfort zone just to prove to myself that I can. I take relationships to heart; I feel things deeply; I hurt easily. Talking is my therapy. So is writing. Hugs are necessary.

I love photography and capturing the beauty of the world. (All but two of the photos on this site are my own). I truly believe we are all connected. My advice to all of you out there? Slow down and appreciate the uniqueness of this experience – honor the grace and poetry in every moment- pay it tribute, mull it over, take a picture of it, write about it, talk about it- and above all, LIVE it.

Why Kate? My middle name is Kathleen, and someone very important to me used to call me Katie. Affectionately, I titled the blog after my nickname, and dedicate it now in my grandpa’s memory. This is about the journey– the paths, the people, and the experiences we encounter along the way that make up who we are.

Much love to all of you…Thanks for saying hi.

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