Soothe yourself

I’ll admit it. Today I had a case of the “cholies.” They crept up on me, and I found myself lying in the middle of my bed, lacking the desire to do, well, pretty much anything. Maybe you’ve been there… in that place that saps your energy and makes your mind dance circles around the […]

if i could just…

Despite every good intention, sometimes I set myself up to fail. Over the last few months, I have been guilty of thinking, “If only this one thing would happen, then everything will get better.” I subscribed to the belief that I would find happiness by renovating my house, making a big change at work, or crossing something off my bucket list. While it might not […]

there was a guy

There was a guy once who seemed like he was everything. He was kind and smart, fun and down to earth. He was a vegetarian because he loved plants as much as animals. His wit won me over, his taste in music was unparalleled, and he is the only other person I’ve ever met whose […]


This morning I woke up at 4:30 to my cat intermittently howling and conversationally “talking” as she wandered around outside my closed bedroom door trying to get a response, find a friend, or annoy the hell out of me…take your pick. Even after getting up and spraying her with the “bad kitty” water bottle three […]

what can i do to help?

Six powerful words, right there. What can I do to help? And yet, how often do we fail to ask that simple question? Three things came up this week that made me realize how impactful those words can be. On Monday, I took a tour of an independent school, and one of the young children who was working on […]

try to enjoy the sun

We learn what we fear most when we actually have something worth losing. We see more clearly what holds value when it’s no longer hypothetical. And this allows self-doubt to come out and play…and can rob us of the very happiness we should be basking in. When we fear the unknown; when we allow worry to creep in; when we discover weakness where […]

part of something bigger

I get restless. I think I’ve probably always been that way… Things roll along steadily for awhile, but I inevitably crave change. I’ve just never been able to pinpoint why that is exactly. Am I allergic to stability? Do I get bored easily? Hopefully not the former. Probably a little of the latter. But today I realized maybe […]

changing the people around you

Last night I was blessed with spending time with the handful of people who matter most to me, aside from Ryan (who was with his dad) and the rest of my family (who all live in other cities or states). It was a rare occasion when my closest friends all got together, and for good reason: we were celebrating one […]

when is it time to apologize?

You could have knocked me over with a feather. An old friend, who I was sure I’d never see again, wandered through my door last week to apologize. A couple of years ago we had a misunderstanding; he said some things that came out rather harshly and in the same breath made it clear that our friendship […]