clear tea pot with orange tea and tea leaves

a full heart

“My cup runneth over…”

I reminded myself of the secret to happiness today…do whatever it is that feeds your soul. No matter what it takes. I’ve known this on a cognitive level for some time, at least in theory, but today was an exercise in practice. I embraced what it feels like to have a full heart, to do things with my time that speak directly to my soul, to the core of who I am as a human being. And the result was an inner peace and strength so powerful it’s hard to describe. But suffice it to say my heart is full, “my cup runneth over.”

I took a road trip today to see an old friend, and we spent the day drifting effortlessly from place to place, doing things that provided tranquility and peace. We talked over coffee and tea, comparing notes about similar experiences, catching up from months that have passed us by, and just allowing free energy to swirl around us. Then without really deciding anything, we ended up at Inniswood Gardens where I took a bunch of shots of beauty…everywhere I looked I found color, texture, temperature, and depth. I shot until I couldn’t shoot anymore and with every click of the shutter I felt my heart become fuller, happier, more vibrant. I was completely content being exactly where I was, doing exactly what I was doing, in that precise moment.

Driving home several hours later I found myself smiling the kind of smile that comes from within…the kind of smile that comes from the soul. And I was overcome with feelings of pure happiness, peace and connectedness. And I silently thanked the universe for providing me with such a perfect day, filled with abundant beauty.  My friend told me today, “Remind yourself that you gave yourself the opportunity to be completely “free” today. Free of thought, free of action, free to express your emotions. You are the best version of yourself in this moment. You owe it to yourself and all others to give them this version, even if it might not  play into a predetermined “plan.”

This is what it feels like to be true to myself. This is the fabric of what every day should be.

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