new green leaf buds in Spring close up


Your crown and root chakras are blocked.
This indicates confusion. Difficulty moving forward.
Your throat chakra is blocked.
You are having trouble expressing yourself.
Stand up for yourself more. Get your feelings heard.
Your heart chakra is blocked.
Recent pain caused you to be more guarded and put up a wall.
Your belly is active. There is a lot of baby energy surrounding you.
Your guide looks Indian. Is India important to you?
Who is Paul?
Who is Maggie? She was being very persistent.
Who is Jillian?
Who is Katie?
Which one? The blonde one. It’s time to contact her.
Who is Walker? This name kept coming up.
Who is Nana?
Who is David?
What colors did you see, if any?
Blue symbolizes throat chakra, purple the crown.
There was a lot of heat at your crown, symbolizing confusion of the thoughts.
Paper is important to you. There was a lot of parchment swirling around us. Don’t forget to do a lot of writing. It helps you process and make sense of your feelings.
Musical notes surrounded us as well. Music plays an important role in your life. Don’t forget its influence.
There were a lot of people who kept dropping in on us; you are important to many people.
Some of them have unusual names.
Three crystals, one for the crown, the heart and the throat.

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