day five: not enough time

Seattle is completely awesome- it’s like a hybrid of Manhattan and San Francisco, all rolled into one. I know I’m working backward today but I can’t help it because this is where I am, and it’s what is fresh
and most relevant in my mind today. At the risk of this sounding like another “we started the day there, and ended up here” blog post, I’m just going to briefly say (for memory’s sake) that we started out in Spokane and somewhere around 280 miles later we ended up in Seattle. There was a lot of nondescript flat Washington along the way, at least until we reached the Snoqualmie Pass area (where the scenery actually began looking more like Washington SHOULD look). Don’t laugh, but I actually typed a Google search into my phone today that said, “Where the hell are all the redwoods?” It did not turn up any results- at least none worth sharing.
Some noteworthy things about my day in no particular order- please forgive the ADD tonight… Dinner at “serious pie.” which consisted of an amazing buffalo mozzarella and tomato basil woodfired pizza, accompanied by Spire Mountain hard apple cider- YUM; Stopping to take some panoramic shots overlooking the Columbia River – this is where I shot the “Watch for Rattlesnakes” sign, which gave me a good laugh due to my whole theory that street signs often give us relevant life advice; I also picked a sprig off of a plant there, and I’m wondering what it is – it smells like some sort of herb that is used in a lot of spa oils- almost like eucalyptus it’s both medicinal and fresh; Walking the streets of Seattle by myself this evening, chatting on the phone, with an “original” Starbucks chai latte, pretending to be a local (I even gave someone directions).
I walked down to Pike Place Public Market tonight, but most everything was closed up since it’s Sunday night, so we’re going to head back down there tomorrow (and watch them throw fish at people) and then have brunch at a highly recommended place called Lola. I did take a cool shot of the Public Market sign tonight, and then a couple hours later realized it looked awfully familiar…turns out it’s almost the exact same shot as one of the stock photos on the Picnik homepage!! So cool that I didn’t realize that until after I shot it and examined it more closely.
I so wish I had more time in this city, which quite honestly feels somewhat familiar already. I can’t remember much else about my day, other than a magnificent walk/dinner/evening/marathon phone call in a city I will definitely make a point to revisit. Cheers from Seattle…

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