the trump card

It doesn’t come wrapped in paper and string. It doesn’t come nicely packaged with an instruction manual. It doesn’t show up when you want it to, or when you plan for it, or when you search heaven and earth for it. It happens all on its own. In its own time.

It doesn’t know force. It is something that grows naturally, organically, sometimes in an instant when you least expect it, and sometimes when you’ve nurtured and protected it, sprouting from a tiny seed of hope.

It has no parameters. It cannot  be measured. It cannot be contained. It cannot be extinguished before its time has run out. If it is meant to be, it cannot be ruined by a false step, a second guess. It cannot be made to exist where it doesn’t. Where love is, it just is.

Love is its own kind of magic. It evokes feelings unlike any other in this world. It solves all things and breaks all things. It tears down, and just as fiercely, gives strength, brings hope…it allows light to shine again where there was nothing but darkness.

It connects us. Binds us. And in the same breath, creates freedom.

Love trumps all.


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