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So, I might need a little boost here. I find myself struggling with my own karma lately. I’m starting to feel kind of….cynical. Without getting into the nitty gritty or the gory details or whatever you want to call it, the question has become, “How do I pick myself up out of this karmic rut and put on a happy face?” Not just a mask…I want the real deal. Because if I don’t get out of the rut (let’s just call it a tiny crack in the pavement…rut is a little harsh), I’m afraid that I’m going to start attracting negative energy, negative people, and gasp! Bad luck. Ugh. So while my plea for good karma sounds somewhat selfish, I’m not just concerned with myself, but with the greater good. Here’s how I figure:

For every little nag or push I send out into the universe, I attract back similar pushes. Bad energy. Cosmic “blah,” if you will. I know you all know what I mean- you see it happen too. When you have a bad day, it usually gets worse progressively as the day wears on. Why? Because you’ve started attracting the kind of energy you’re putting out into the world. The same thing happens when you have an extraordinarily good day. You smile all day long, people smile back, you boost yourself up on the sheer euphoria of feeling, well, euphoric. And you notice that everything goes your way…people wave you ahead in traffic, your hair lays right, the sun is shining, you swear you hear songs from The Sound of Music playing in your head (“The hills are alive….”), you go home and your family is happy to see you, you enjoy the perfect cup of soy chai, and so on and so on. In fact, on really good days, people comment on your shiny, happy nature. They tell you that you have a beautiful smile, that it just “lights up the room.” Which makes you feel even shinier and happier, so you, of course, smile, and they in turn, go out into the world a happier person and pass it along. I believe the saying is, “Pay it forward.” And that’s exactly what we do, regardless of whether it’s negative or positive energy we pass along to others.

The burning question is…how do we encourage ourselve to feel better internally when we’re going through something rough? Now if you’re my Facebook friends, you’d say “Beer!” or “Have a glass of wine and a Xanax…” but these are temporary fixes and have flaws- such as they shouldn’t be indulged in at work.

Does it help to do something nice for someone else? Someone we might be jealous of? Someone we wish we could trade places with just for a little while? (Just to experience the kind of high they’re on at the moment, their stroke of good luck, good timing, or whatever it may be). I tried that. It helped for a couple of days, but then I found myself back where I started. Hmm.

Does it help to look at our own lives and remember the blessings we DO have? We sound like whiners if we complain, especially when other people think we lead a charmed life in the first place. And I do count my blessings, and am thankful for my life, my family, my job, my friends, my parents. Even my annoying, dingleberry cat. But we’re all stricken with a slight case of “wanting what we can’t have” whatever that may be defined as.

Does it help to stay busy? Plan a party, throw yourself into your work, play outside with your kid, good lord–even clean the bathrooms before work in the morning, just to give yourself something to do. You remember to take your B vitamins (they really do help your mood and even you out). And you’re feeling zen as you glide into work. But HOW do we make the zen last?

Despite my efforts at picking myself up, smiling at other people, and walking with a purpose, underneath it I’m deeply worried about the energy I’m emitting. I’m worried about the kind of luck I’m attracting. And I’m worried that it’s not going to change, that it’s become a self-fulfilling prophecy. That I can’t break the cycle. So the question is, how do we continue to find the upswing? Is there a trick? Or is it as simple as remembering the old adage, “This too shall pass.” And maybe we just need to smack ourselves upside the head, and remind ourselves that things DO inevitably get better. They get worse…and then they get better. And that’s just life. And it’s ok. You can’t change your karma, but if you’re aware of what you’re putting out there, you might just find your next upswing quicker than you expected.

In the meantime, just try to smile. A little bit. You never know whose karma you might just change for the better.

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