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“Faith is believing that one of two things will happen: that you will have something solid to stand on, or that you’ll be taught to fly.”

“Faith is not blind hope. Faith is the cessation of fear.”

Thinking about faith this morning, and what it means to believe in something you can’t see. It’s an extremely challenging undertaking that requires strength and patience- two attributes I only fleetingly possess these days.

What makes us believe in things? For one, experience- and feeling a sense of connectedness to those experiences. We go through a series of feelings and emotions with everything that happens to us, which creates a sense of understanding about that experience. But what happens after it’s over? What happens when we leave the physical experience and move on with our daily lives? That experience becomes a memory, and initially the leftover sensations of it stick around and allow us to keep the faith. But as the memories of those immediate residual feelings fade, we’re left with a decision to make: how do we keep the faith alive on our own?

How do I remind myself to believe as strongly as I did when I was actually in the moment?

It’s the trickiest thing in the world to navigate. If I could just find a way to keep the faith, I’m fairly certain I could do anything.

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