white picture frame with words dreams, cherish, forever


He tells me how he feels by touching the side of my face

He is there in the darkness, a quiet comfort next to me

He lets me know how much he values me

He tells others that I’m more beautiful inside than out

{He tells me, too}

He holds my hand in a crowded room

He supports my dreams, even when I’m still piecing them together

He listens to me when I need to vent

He thinks my kind of “crazy” is just what he needs

He appreciates that I would do anything to help ease his own burden

He knows when I need a hug

He can sometimes tell just by the look on my face what I’m about to say

He wants to know the people in my life

He plans our future, one day at a time

He knows my inner strength, but also knows when to hold me

He believes in me

He connects with my soul

He encourages me to reach higher

He loves my quirks

He protects me, stands up for me, guards me with his life

He will teach my son how to become a good man

He knows my fears but doesn’t see them as weakness

He wants to know about my past so he can understand me better

He includes me in his life, his family, his inner circle

He makes time, even if it’s just a minute or two

He lets me know he’s thinking of me

He teases me because he knows I like to play

He waters my plants

He gives me certainty and reassurance when I need it

He lets me know that he is better because I’m in his life

He shares his dreams with me

He feels safe trusting me with his fears and insecurities

{He knows I will love him regardless}

He tries new things if they are important to me

He wants me to be happy

He hurts when I hurt

He knows that hugging me will end any argument. Ever. No matter what.

He reminds me that I’m amazing when I doubt myself

He inspires me to break out of my comfort zone

Above all, he makes me laugh

He is perfect………..for me.









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