rusty danger no admittance sign on steel building


Why is it so hard to be honest with ourselves? Even when we are alone. Even when we’re writing to ourselves, why do we self-edit? Is it fear? Is it some sort of inner recognition that we aren’t being authentic? What is it we are afraid of? Seeing things for what they really are? Admitting the truth that our lives aren’t exactly perfect? To take it one step further, how can we be expected to make good decisions if we aren’t even willing to see the reality in our situations? Does this mean we’re making decisions based on lies? Or are they based on hopes- based on what we WANT for our lives instead?

Sometimes what we want conflicts. And we turn a blind eye to it instead. We refuse to let ourselves into our innermost thoughts and continue naively along the path. Even though there is a gnawing feeling that we’re doing it wrong, that we’re not listening to ourselves.

Why is it so hard to be honest with ourselves…even when we’re alone?



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