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the reading

Twenty-four hours ago I was standing on Wall Street in Asheville when I noticed a sign across the street advertising psychic readings. Twenty-three and a half hours ago I sat down with the psychic, feeling skeptical for the first time in a long time – but trying not to hold onto any negative energy – she held my hand for a minute, took a deep breath, and this is what she told me…

Relationships, they are a-changin’

There is dissatisfaction surrounding a relationship, and feelings of grief and sadness that have run their course…it’s time to let it go and move on…there is a new relationship on the horizon, it’s very close…this one will be a better fit. He’s creative and not threatened by my abilities and talents. He is financially secure and likely in business for himself. Travel is a huge part of his life, and we will be traveling quite a bit together. I wasn’t true to myself in the last relationship and had high hopes for it, but it was never going to work…he might be having second thoughts about it, but even if we were to take another stab at it, it wouldn’t work…it was a bad fit. I will be very happy with the new relationship that’s coming soon…the name Brad stands out…

Some of my friendships might be changing too as I figure out what direction my life is moving in, and which people in my life fit with who I am now, not who I used to be. It’s time to let go of the past and be done with it once and for all.

Move in the right direction

There is a big move in my future, geographically speaking…I will be making a lot of positive changes this year…there will be lots of upheaval but it’s all good and is based on choices I’m making; it’s not happening to me…I might end up selling my business in order to pursue other passions that I’m still developing into larger parts of my life…The big move might have something to do with the new relationship. Either way, it’s time to move on and start living the life I’ve always wanted. I’ve been through a lot of chaos, unrest, and unhappiness but it’s coming to a close… in the next year I will be setting my life firmly in the direction I truly want it to go, and I will more fully become the person I am…Keep writing, keep taking photos, it will turn into something larger…

We’ll see….

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